Conspiracy Theory: CCP has been infiltrated by a corporate competitor who is driving this game into the dirt

You’re ruining this game. Every aspect of it. Why? Nobody likes these changes. Now you’re ruining the market too.

You’re not going to “save” this game by ruining all the things that made it successful in the first place.

I cant think of any other reason for all these horrific changes, other than to alienate your entire player base.

CCP is gonna go the way of BOB.

You can thank all of the mining/ratting/market bots. In before the lock…


yeah, that didnt suddenly become a problem this year. And the solution to them isnt to ruin the game for the real players.

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Says who, you?

How does this “ruin” the game for real players?

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Because now you have to be smart and invest effort instead of just clicking “reduce by 0.01 ISK” every 5 minutes 23 hours a day.


where is that button?
do you think it takes more intelligence and effort to change the price by 1000 instead of 0.01?

all it does is drive the prices up faster. And for low-value items it makes adjusting prices to get ontop of another buyer impossible.

You can still change the value by 0.01 isk, you just need to be more cognizant of it and accept that it’s gonna hit your wallet with the 4 significant figures tick limit.

I don’t see what the issue is here.

This is fine, the market will fluctuate to the prices that the community will support. With all this extra isk out in EVE, higher prices is fine. If it can’t support it, then the prices will come down. Wow, funny how market fluctuations work.


nevermind sorry.

Of course it does. With a larger increment and a higher fee for changing your price you have to think about it more instead of automatically dropping 0.01 ISK every time.

To annoy you enough that you start spamming these threads here. Take it personally. It’s aimed at you. Deliberately.


Shaking the ant farm give some Capsuleers an incentive to invest in sea monkeys.

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counter. Hilmar adds in a clause that pearl cant remove ccp from eve online when its bought out so hilmar intentionally tanks the game and when its low enough, pearl sells it back for half the cost it paid for.

But im nuts so. LOL

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If you mean the market and ore changes you are wrong. I and many other absolutely love them.

Criticism posts are more then welcome, when they touch on specifics and help others understand why certain changes might be an issue.

This is not constructive. Closed.

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