Courier Scams Are Back - Eve Scam Butler Is Here to Help

Since a month or so the loophole that allows courier scams is wide open again. I fell for one, and then built an app that should help CCP fix this loophole by allowing you to run courier scams at scale. I already made the ISK back a couple times :slight_smile:

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How do courier scams work?

At the core of courier scams are docking permissions. If someone runs a courier, but can’t deliver the package, the courier will eventually time out and can be failed. Then you get the collateral back as pure profit.

Citadels are critical to this, as they allow their owner to change the docking permissions. CCP fixed that by adding a delivery bay, but that one can be disabled by not bringing the citadel online or reinforcing it.

To run a courier scam you ideally have your own citadel. Raitarus go for less than 400mil in Jita. You quickly make that money back. Don’t insert a Quantum Core and the delivery bay will never work.

Buy some stuff in Jita, create a courier to your citadel and wait for someone to accept it. Station Containers and Asteroids work well. Then lock them out of your citadel and fail the courier as soon as possible.

If you don’t have your own citadel, try using on of the known baddies and hope that they keep it closed. Just don’t put in a high reward in case the courier gets completed. If no one takes the bait, you don’t loose anything (except the minimal contract broker fee).

What’s the app about?

You never know when your courier will be accepted. Checking the Eve client every 10 minutes gets tedious.

Eve Scam Butler will monitor your contracts, and notify you on Discord you when a courier was accepted. That way you don’t need to babysit your eve client to make this scam work.


The first notification is free, after that a 10% fee applies. That means that you will make ISK before you pay anything!

After buying Raitarus and paying mercenaries for revenge I already made more than 10bil in profits.

How to scale courier scams?

Spin up a bunch of alpha accounts and characters. Train corporation management and create new corporations that you deploy Raitarus with. You might need to cycle through a bunch of them depending on how quickly people notice your scams. If you run one successful scam with a collateral of 400m you already made the price of the Raitaru back.

Scams are bad and so are you

Yup. Let’s help CCP put some attention on this. Or make ISK, I don’t really care.

How can I avoid courier scams?

Don’t haul to citadels. Don’t accept couriers from citadels, unless you’re already docked there.


Thanks to you I am again approaching the limits of how many contract issuers I can block.


Quadralien was so nice to make this a bit of a challenge, by destroying some of my structures. Paying mercenaries puts a bit of a dent into the profits, but I love that this still works without me spending much time on this.

I’m approaching 3b of profits (after paying mercenaries) after I started this thread.

I fell for this stupid scam with the low power raitaru … That is to easy… Checked before if I can dock and checked the services as I started to haul… As I was there the core was removed and nothing is working anymore… Thats to easy for scammers


Lowered the fee to 10% :slight_smile:

The app can now also warn you about war declarations so you can cancel pending couriers. This is private beta for now, let me know if you want to use this feature.

Destroying the station relocates the drop-off point. So if you are eligible to hire a mercenary group to declare war on the holding corp, you can get back your isk and also the delivery bonus

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