Crew Officers

At first, as English isn’t my native language, I hope it will not be a a big problem to understand this topic and everything what I mean in this suggestion, I apologize in advance.

Officers are module-like items that can be used in ships. Depending on ship class size it may have 0 or up to 3-4 slots for officers. Officers gain bonuses to ship stats like: rate of fire, speed, defence e.t.c. If a ship has slots for officers, players may fill those slots with different types of officers. Every officer passively gains bonuses for ship - secondary bonuses. Every type of officer also gives special bonuses being active or “Commander” - primary bonuses. Player may swap Commander officer at any time while in a hangar or with little cooldown in space (like T3 destroyers modes).
All officers divided into different type categories, only one officer of the same type may be used on a ship. Commander or Primary bonuses effect depends on officer type and same for all officers of that type. Here are examples of categories, officers in it and their bonuses.

  • Armor defence officers - Commander effect: Reduces cycle time of local and remote armor repairs
    • Increases armor hp
    • Increases armor resists
    • Increases local armor repairers strength
    • Increases remote armor repairers strength
  • Shield defence officers - Commander effect: Reduces cycle time of local and remote shield repairs
    • (same as armor ones)
    • Increases passive shield recharge rate
  • Navigation officers - Commander effect: Increases boost of MWD and AB modules
    • Improves ship maximum speed
    • Improves ship inertia
    • Improves ship warp speed
  • Turret tuning officers - Commander effect: Increases turrets rate of fire
    • Falloff
    • Optimal range
    • Tracking speed

And so on and so forth… All officers may only have one of Secondary - Passive bonuses.

Obtaining officers

Officers may be obtained using new citadel service “Officers school”. In the special window player may set up educational plan. There are new item type required to start teaching students: coursebooks. Coursebooks may be acquired in other EVE activities (hacking, pve?). Coursebook defines officers’ types and correspondingly their Commander bonuses. Depending on officer type, before starting training a player must choose secondary - passive bonus. Depending on player skills and maybe some other factors, in the end, player acquires some amount of officers of chosen type and subclass. Like any other items officers may be transported in cargo and be sold to other players.

Using officers

There are new slot types added in most ships for “fitting” officers. A bigger ship class gets more officer slots on it. Player just put officers in those slots like any other modules, but cannot take them back, the only way to clear officers slots is to disband installed officers all at once, losing them forever.


Before undocking with officers player must pay ISK, depending on the amount of officers and ship class (1 officer on bsh requires more ISK than on cruiser and T1 ship is cheaper than fraction or T2 e.t.c). After the payment officers become “On duty” and will give bonuses to ship for next 24 hours or until the ship dies. After time is over and ship docked player should pay again for the next 24 hours. If a player will not pay, officers just will not be active and will not give any bonuses as well.

If player have officers in fit and they are “On duty”, a new button appears near ship modules while in space. Using that button player may see the current Commander, clicking on it reveals all Officers in fit and allows to set another one as Commander to get new active bonuses.
Officers In Space

we already have implants that do basically this exact thing


I don’t think the idea is practical but just to run with it.

Give the bs class a crew station of 5 just like implants. (they gave them a frig escape bay so why not this? :crazy_face:) It would be like adding 5 implants to the ship. It would make individual ships worth more in the kill mail or for special fits… They get destroyed every time the the hull blows, no chance to recover them just like implants when podded. And you could not scan what offices were onboard. It could add a little drama to the game but meh, CCP has bigger problems to solve these days…

And Rigs too.

One could literally rename “Rigs” to “Crew”/“Officers” and it would look almost exactly the same (except this idea has a daily ISK cost).

I would file this idea between…

  • “We already have this”
  • “It adds needless complexity to an already complex system”
  • “It furthers the divide between min/maxers and everyone else”

Very good presentation and formatting on the OP’s part.
Everything is clear, concise, and there are some visuals.
The only thing missing is “why is this needed?”

Your English is better than some native English speakers. :wink:


It’s not needed, just a fun idea. The most I could see coming out of this is faction/officer rigs as drops?

Among other problems, this would also make larger ships disproportionately more powerful than smaller ships, which are fortunately still relevant by virtue of speed, agility, improved precision, smaller size making them harder to hit effectively, and unique roles/role bonuses.

Well, my replies were directed more towards @ISD_Dorrim_Barstorlode who busted my butt for not having an open mind over another unneeded idea!

Is the trip phrase for me when I do this.

Do I want it, no. Is it a fun idea, yes to me. Like I said, the most I could ever see coming out of this idea is faction/officer rigs. Still food for future thought. I still have a frig with a large rig on it. Who would have thought… :thinking:

Edit; Has faction/officer rigs ever been brought up before, nothing on a quick google search?

Isn’t the whole point of being a capsuleer the vastly reduced crew requirement that being one with your ship provides? I don’t really see the benefit of this as an entirely new system, it just feels like extra rig slots.

Well, thank you! And thanks to google for that =D

Well, forum section called “Player Feature & Ideas” so here is some idea. If I were gamedeisgner I’d like to calculate and give more assumptions about why it should or shouldn’t be implemented, but, for now I’m just a player with desires to become game designer someday.

When I thought about this idea I relied on 3 things:

  • To give players more flexibility. Today this feature you can see only on T3 destrs, and they are quite simple (just dps, def or speed), here you can fit yourself to be prepared for more.
  • Withdrawing ISK from the game. Most of things that withdraw money from the game is good for economy. Here is not just modules that will lost forever if you die, but you also need to pay more and more to keep using it.
  • Just to keep game mechanics and lore be related. As I remember, there even was some info that ships has crew in addition to capsuleer. Knowing that ship have crew, idea of managing them comes by itself and greatly fits as game mechanic.

As just an idea it doesn’t need to be exactly the same, everything should be calculated and balanced well of course. For example, there no need to be exactly only 1 slot in frigates and 4 in bsh, but maybe 2-3. Also as I said at first, bigger ships requres more money to be active with this thing. Since the size/powerful is not what EVE about, it’s not some MMORPG where lvl 10 have no chance vs lvl 50, here things quite different, talking about “more powerful” is the same thing as arguing that frigates cannot fit doomsday where only one shot costs more that whole frigate fit.

It is customary to explain why your idea is needed beyond “it’s really cool” in order to receive a positive response.

Also this would probably mean major balance passes for a lot of things. There’s a reason why ships rarely just get more slots and lose nothing for it, and that’s usually because they’re really bad.

Command bursts already do most of this, even if we ignore boosters and rigs

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