Crewed starfighters

A large ship may contain space for many players and have ports for starfighters. Starfighters are small ships smaller the frigates that are faster than frigates but slower than drones. They are piloted by players and can be docked to all Large ships. The ships are too small to have a targeting system, so the player would need to use WASDQE to steer the ship and shoot it’s target using space. Starfighters can be fitted with special equipment made for starfighters like equipment for frigates but smaller.

i believe capitals already have this, i’m not 100% clued in with capitals right now, however i believe a capital ship has an escape bay which allows you to launch a battleship

further more a battleship has a frigate escape bay.

otherthan the special equipment stuff
which i don’t see why you wouldn’t just use the existing frigate assets in game but shuttles are good to zip around in.

capital ships were origonally intended to launcher player controled fighters known as valkyrie’s
in fact during the phoenix update i’m pretty sure some of the visual assets from eve valkyrie were made and put into EVE to change the cosmetic of the ship, i remember discussing this with some corp mates at the time.

EVE does not work like that.

What you are asking for would require building a whole different game.

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im sure super carriers and those stuff have fighter squads already, very similar to what u said, but they are not manned.

now imagine titans can deploy foot soldiers to land on enemy ships and take it apart in space. hmm dust 514

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