Cronometer utility?

Is there a cronometer/ Stopwatch utility?
I would like to calculate time travel in game.
It could be a nice add…

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And an Aura-voice timed at choices 15min or 30min or 60. “Galactic Time: 5:45. Have a nice day, Captain.”

I’m never using the word ‘watch’ ever again.

How would the stopwatch handle tidi?

this doesn’t seem possible, due to the nature of the game.

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New Eden would age differently than deadspace or wormhole space right?

i think he meant time, traveling in game, meaning how long it takes to travel, not travel in time.

“hey ship siri set a timer for 15 minutes”

i am aware of this

An in-game web browser would be cool, too.


Well the game has a clock already, so looking at it and then looking at it again when you reach your destination will tell you how long it takes, but i assume he is trying to work out how long it takes to land from a specific spot in a specific system, but yeah thats going to take him grabbing his phone or a 3rd party website

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Create an empty channel and password protect it. Enable timestamps in chat if you have those turned off. When you begin journey submit a post. When you reach destination submit a post. You will see a seconds precision time of the two events and can calculate a seconds precision difference to see how long the journey took. :bulb:

Alternatively you can use the self-destruct feature and its countdown as a stopwatch. :wink:


Didn’t this happen one time with a Pilot sitting in their Titan and they forgot to cancel?

Don’t recall but sounds plausible. :slight_smile:

There was a Nyx vod though that wasn’t the one that I can vaguely recall. I think it was a Horde or Test pilot who was afk for a tick while sitting in a fleet line no combat could be seen and they apparently had forgotten to cancel self destruct as coms were also in this particular clip.

I recall reading about a titan pilot who had some girlfriend in-game who asked him to let her fly his titan as she never flown one before and it turns out it was a deliberate scam all the time and the titan became a grand theft titan. Not sure if true but I clearly remember reading that story somewhere (old forums, reddit or some article).

What a interesting idea with having a in-game GF and storing your Titan inside her Hanger.

/On another note, seen a vod where pilots play chicken Titan self destruct.

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Imagine how bad of a “divorce” it is if your gf takes your huge doomsday-device. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Yeah I heard about that, not necessarily with titans though but playing daredevil with self destruct sounds fun. Maybe I will make an in-game event with that concept as the core someday. :slight_smile:

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Now Eve can be as hearse as real life where the EX decides to cut off more than just “all contact”!


How can you see how much time you lost in the game?

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