Estimate Time of Arrival

Players need an ETA clock beside the Route to determine how long the actual travel time will be from point A to point B. The ETA would take into account the ship characteristics, player skills and other variables.


How would the game know how long you need to admire the local and find the right buttons to click in the right order? The trip can also end prematurely, so should it show :infinity: for all auto-pilot trips through Uedama? :wink:

I really like this idea but i believe we really really don’t need or want more strain for the servers. The servers are slowly getting more heavy on load due to mandatory updates and improvements all the time anyways.

Calculating travel times based on variables and maybe using auto-pilot as estimate would be cool but it would be really heavy for the servers.

I can imagine something like that for ships traveling on autopilot. I think there is even a website that can already calculate that.
For manual travel it’s pretty hard to estimate, since you don’t know how long people hold cloak, use bounce-bookmarks to prevent being smartbombed, hold at a gate etc…

OP, there’s third party tools that do this already.



BS in HS : 1:10 per jump


CR in HS : 50s/jump

fr/sh : 40s/jump

soft limit with 30 AU/s ws 2s align : 28 s/jump
hard limit with 150 000 AU/s 1s align : 20.9 s/jump

This is with a 10s jump animation + user delay

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This sounds like something the ships really should have. One needs to tell the ETA calculator if you are jumping to 0 to gate - ship knows if you are on autopilot. For immersions sake this would be pretty freaking cool addition. Think about your navigator on your car - it has this feature, and no it don’t know if you are stopping for coffee, so it calculates that fast estimate and detours you take in the system will make it adjust. Just because there are 3rd party programs is not a reason not to add this feature. These are hitech space ships and this kind of feature should be standard on all ships.

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Why this calculation should be done at server side? Calculations could be done on client side.

Even more important, actual route is stored only in client, not in server.
It can’t be done on the server side.


Then a client app is needed.

The calculations could easily be on the client side, IE., your own computer does the calculations. You would be surprised how much is actually done on the computer vs the servers. Its one reason the game is so quick and smooth. Its also why your graphics rubber-band and seem to glitch occasionally, lol

I think that’s the case, and since it only requires your ship’s align and warp as well as the distances between each warp, it could eg be added right next to the route .

Like :
Route X jumps dur 45m35s ETA 19H45ET
(emphasis on change)

Both duration and ETA would be recomputed by client after each jump, after warp initiation, and periodically on grid or in station at least 1min after previous one and 5s after any action, and unless the player has a timer, to avoid CPU lags.
Players could disable those with new options in the menu :

  • disable on-grid route ETA (disable it when in space)
  • disable off-grid route ETA (disable it in station and in warp)

At first it should instead be opt-in feature. So “enable” instead of “disable” and turned off by default.

So we are sitting in a Cessna and the navigation is giving us an ‘estimated time of arrival’. I would think thousands of years in the future could also. (The third party app proves it could).

It would be a cute feature.

Maybe the feature should include an option to calculate the route with autopilot enabled, but in that case instead of Estimated Time of Arrival it would display the Estimated Time of Getting Ganked. :smirk: