Crystal Damage Indication tooltip in Item Views

When hovering over a crystal while in your ship, you get a percentage readout of the damage done to a crystal. However, when looking at the Inventory, the percentage damage is not shown. Also, I would expect the percentage property to be displayed in the Information pop-out window, under the “Attributes” tab. Though perphaps it does, in case it is under “Volatility” or “Volatility Damage”. (Both those names are pretty bad though, consider renaming them.)

As a side note, it is confusing to use the term damage on crystals, do you mean the damage it makes while shooting, or the damage of the crystal itself. I would instead use the word “quality” or “condition”, starting at 100% (=pristine), going down to 0% (=ruined).

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Or if they are going to revamp anything to do with crystals they could just do away with the mechanic entirely. It’s proven to be far more hassle for players than it is worth and most crystals get exploded when ships explode anyway.

Not everyone is doing only PvP with laser based weapons. Your hassle is my profit.

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Back when i used to do pve i burnt through far more than i lost, and with pvp im not loosing many with each ship. So im going to assume the majority of crystal consumption comes from breaking not sploding

I would replace “volatility” with “integrity” which seems to be more obvious, at least to me.

Also, I made this 3 years ago for another thread, to show how the remaining crystal life for both mining and combat turrets could be presented similarly to the other ammo. We still don’t seem to have anything like this implemented.

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