(Ammo) Crystal damage - you can NOT see it?

I noticed (as discussed in other threads) there is No (reasonable) way to see the damage of crystals:

  • not in hangar
  • not in cargo
  • not hovering mouse over it
  • not even RMB info

The only way is to load it or to make a contract.

Suggestion: do this;

The red number could be ‘pulsating’ to draw attention to it since its rather it is rather important.
How this got away for 20 years is beyond my understanding.

fs o/


Yes please


Doesn’t the current HP show up in the info panel for the crystal? It used to, though I do not have the game installed to check if it still does. I believe it’s called ‘structure hitpoints’ or similar. Not as easy as a % shown on the icon, but you neither have to load it nor contract it.


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Years old suggestion (and similar with the hangar view). It can only take a few more years until CCP gets around to do this. :slight_smile:

FTFY :wink:



Things like this not getting fixed for so long is why CCP is a dictatorship exploiting the players

Maybe its not a bug but how ccp wanted.

Ffs quit focusing on the negative

It's not a bug, it's a feature™


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Did they fix reloading single lasers in a group yet?

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