Question about T2 Amarr Ammo (Crystals)

One of my crystals just disappeared off of my ship (in fact, I think off of the turret where it was mounted). I was using Gleam. It was highly damaged - up in the 90s somewhere.

My question is what happens when these things take 100% damage. I thought they would just be ‘broken’ and unable to be used, but could be reprocessed at that point. Do they just disappear once they take 100% damage? If so, should you reprocess before they get to that point?

They disappear. For the record, you can’t reprocess damaged crystals anyway.


*poof - they disappear completely through game magic

Is this some kind of change? Wasn’t it true that you could in the past reprocess damaged crystals? At least SOME kinds of damaged crystals (i.e. faction, mining, etc)? Which damaged crystals can be reprocessed?

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As far back as I can remember you’ve never been able to reprocess any damaged module/crystal.

I’ve certainly reprocessed certain types - perhaps not combat crystals, but some kind (mining?). I’ve also seen people talk about reprocessing crystals on forums.

Anyone else know?

Not that hard to find out. Use a new crystal for a few minutes, let it get damaged, then try to reprocess it…

Literally asked in corp right now, none of us can remember ever reprocessing damaged crystals. T1 damage crystals don’t take damage so they can always be reprocessed, however mining/faction/T2 crystals always take damage once used - even if it doesn’t show.

One of the newer guys seems to think you can reprocess mining crystals over 96% damage, but we’re all kinda calling BS on that. So there’s your only glimmer of hope. If the new guy knew something the rest of us 12+ year old players didn’t know

Thanks for asking in corp, and thanks for your information.

thing of them like really big contact lenses and their disappearing act makes more sense

Ahhhh… makes sense :slight_smile:

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You used to be able to repair them a long time ago and CCP changed it to prevent reuse of this sort. Now they just gain damage and when they break they never ALL break its only one and you have to unload the entire rack and reload them from your cargo hold. Its a trade off for the longevity of crystals that I can understand why CCP coded it that way.

So when you could repair them then you could also repackage and then reprocess them if youd like but that all got nerfed a few years ago.

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