Crystal Implants

While I am not a new player, I am returning after a very long break. I lost all my implants a week back (no big deal) and was eyeballing the crystal implant set. I was curious as to the set bonus being specifically for “Shield Boost”, as I assume it specifically means active shield tanking.

I was hoping someone could verify this for me as I would hate to waste ISK buying the set only to have it not be useful as I am partial to passive tanking.

I currently run a Gila for Abyssal, Combat, and escalation sites, and a Rattlesnake for L4 missions. They are each setup for passive tanking.

Are there any implant sets out there for passive shields or am I barking up the wrong tree?

The so-called ‘shield slaves’ were mentioned at fanfest 2016, but aren’t here yet. To be honest, don’t hold your breath, they would require a massive balance pass.

Your rattlesnake, for example, would be nuts.

Passive shield tanks usually come with a substantial signature penalty. You can offset that with Halo implants and they are relatively inexpensive as implant sets go. Won’t increase your tank but will make you harder to hit.

Or snake implant set for an increased speed tank (mainly of gila).

Sounds like a great option. I will look into the Halo set. Thanks!

I can confirm on this. Used snakes + deadspace ABs on many ships, including Gilas, Tengus, Lokis, Worms, and Phantasms with snakes and deadspace ABs are just the bomb. Snakes were also a lot cheaper back then then crystals, don’t know if that is still the case. the extra speed tank is really nice.

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