Crystal Implants

Okay so maybe Daddy spanked the bacon out of my wallet before I did the recerch and ask more experienced players. But I bought a full set of crystal implants hoping to help the tank on my mining barge… now I thought it added to the command burst of an Orca if it has a sheild burst… appon looking at my shield HP it doesn’t appear to be the case. Now for the Question, what kind of sheild tank do I build. For any sort of mining barge? mind you I’m high sec so I just need it to hold till concord roughs em up. Second question, what other implants should I look at for slots 6-9 to help with the tank. All the number crunching is hurting my head.

Crystals help only with local shield boosters. Nothing you want to fit on a mining vessel. Use a Procurer or Skiff with a mixture of shield extenders and shield hardeners in the mid slots (shield buffer type of tank). Any other mining ship will get you ganked no matter how hard you try tanking. Tanking implants are not necessary for miners. Read more about (shield) tanking here

No amount of implants will save you if flying any other mining vessel than the Procurer or Skiff, nor if the enemy brings enough to do their jobs regardless of what ship you’re flying (yes! even Orcas get ganked)

If you do want implants go with flat Hull/Armor/Shield HP bonuses (whichever gives the most EHP for your ship)

A few numbers for you to help on the math;

  • A Catalyst can do around 900-1000 DPS.
  • Concord arrival time in a 0.5 system is around 26 sec.
  • To even have a chance (very slim chance at that) of surviving an assault you’d need 30k EHP, which is only possible on the Procurer, Skiff, Porpoise and Orca and BSs if mining on an Alpha character.
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Crystal implants suck for the same price go with shield extenders on a skiff to further the tank add an invul a EM res amp and t2 shield extender rigs with a 5% shield hp implant and genolution set for another 4% to overall fitting shield hp cap etc

Thanks for the fast replies guys. Okay so I do have a skiff when it’s me my self and I. Can use the crystal implants to improve that fit? I was pretty set on this being my mining clone. Or should I set that clone on the back burner for another day. I haven’t plugged in the hywal yeald yet. And the harvester implants don’t seem appealing.

The [Low-, Medium- or High-grade] Crystal implants only affect local Shield Boosters. So unless you actually have one fitted to the ship they do not give you any value; on another note, a shield booster is not the best thing you could fit in a mid slot for a mining vessel.

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Forgive me for being noobish here whats the local part? I’m not to worried about the ore scanner so thats one more mid and with my alt in a Orca with a shield transfer and shield maintenance bots id like to think i could pull it off I’ve only been ganked once or twice but I’d like to make the investment to protect what i have if possible. If its worth it. the most we see in system is one or two and all the regulars are good about looking out for each other.

Just means that the “Shield Booster” only affects the ship it’s fitted on, and not like the Remote version that only rep a targeted ship.

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