CSM Election - Problem with the Candidates page

The page does not show the alliance or corp in the overview cards nor the complete info text. You have no idea who you vote for. To figure that out, you would actually have to go to the dev blog that announced the candidates. However, even there you only get a partial picture because some alliance logos are the placeholder icons and some are from alliances that even I after 12 years of playing have not heard off and thus not seen their alliance logo. But that’s fine you might say, because the cards link to their campaign topics. Surely there they had to disclose which alliance/corp they are from. But no! They had not. And even funnier, the forum does not show their corp and alliance in the forum profile tooltip or profile page either …

Hence, in order to find out who is who and which groups they belong to requires significant effort for no good reason. This has been pointed out last year, the year before that and the year before that. But no change, no improvements have taken place. What do our community developers do besides grinning weirdly into cameras? Making informed decisions should be as easy as possible and not require the consultation of tea-leaves readers, bone dust sniffers and dowsers. This needs to be fixed. Not after the election, not next year. Now. At the very least the campaign topics need to list the alliances/corps of the candidates and the candidates page needs to either link to the topic or have the same information in the info text for the candidates.

And even funnier yet: The voting page is still on the old page, even though everything else was moved over to the new page design. That demonstrates how much effort goes into this “vital” body.


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