CSM Update - Week 24

Here is a brief update on the CSM: CSM Update - Week 24


As usual since I have been following your posts, clear point of view. Although I don’t agree, respect for your point of view and for continuing to provide your own updates.


There is a whole thread that is raging like a wildfire about how the new raffle system will be the OMG-End-Of-The-World. It is entertaining to see how worked up people are about it.

Thanks for the update. Not sure how i feel about the raffle system but well see what happens i guess.

I assume there are additional thoughts influencing your opinion - that you aren’t allowed to share due to NDA? The fact that you (a CSM representative) is feeling positive about this - makes me feel slightly better about it.

I will try to have an open mind about this feature. Thanks for sharing.

Dare I say that’s the whole point, but we’ve had CSM in the past who disagreed with things, too.

In the end … Koreans will love this …
… and i am not convinced the rest of the game will notice or care.

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