CSM XII - How to contact your CSM members

Are you asking yourself how to get in contact with a CSM member? Good! We want to hear from you!

CSM XII has opened a public discord to solidify another line of communication directly with council members. If you’re interested, please use this link to join: https://discord.gg/twVgWMF

Here are some more ways you can contact members of CSM XII. We are here to represent you, so feel free to contact any member you see fit through their preferred platforms.



Twitter: @JintaanEVE
Reddit: /u/jintaan
Slack: jintaan
Discord: Jin’taan//Sanctity [CVA]#9801
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/c/jintaan
Email: Jintaaneve@gmail.com

Twitter: @NoobmanHK
Reddit: /u/NoobmanHK/
Slack: Noobman
Discord: Noobman#1307
Email: noobman@csm.eve.com

Reddit: /u/rhiload
Slack: rhiload
Skype: rhiload
Discord: rhiload#1247
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/airforcelol
Email: johnrichard1@live.co.uk

Steve Ronuken
Twitter: @fuzzysteve
Reddit: /u/fuzzmiester
Slack: fuzzysteve
Skype: fuzzysteve
Discord: Steve ronuken #4681
Website: https://www.fuzzwork.co.uk
Email: s.ronuken@csm.eve.com

Twitter: @Suitonia
Reddit: /u/Suitonia
Slack: suitonia
Skype: matthew.dance1
Discord: Suitonia #9514
Email: matthew-dance@live.co.uk

The Judge
Twitter: @_thejudge
Reddit: /u/_thejudge
Slack: TheJudge
Skype: TheJudgeEVE
Discord: The Judge #1886
Email: thejudge@csm.eve.com

Yukiko Kami
Twitter: @yukiko_kami
Reddit: /u/yukiko_kami
Slack: yukiko_kami
Skype: yukiko.kami.san
Discord: Yukiko Kami#6627
Email: yukiko.kami.san@gmail.com


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Hello. I’m hoping a member of the CSM/ISD will see this, I had an idea yesterday while I was on singularity messing around, I found that because I was on a lower skilled character/ALT I could not used things I was not skilled for and while I partly understand this I believe it would help the community further if players could use ships/mods etc even if they weren’t skilled for them. This could be beneficial for new players or old players returning like myself to help us get to grips with the game and all the new updates. I hope somebody takes this into consideration.

Fercuria Semah

Hello. I had an issue and was told to contact my CSM. I have just spent like an hour trying to make contact. The discord link provided doesn’t work for some reason, and I can’t seem to find a way to send a direct message to a CSM, Suitonia specifically. None of the links to contact CSMs seem to work correctly

Did you try an in-game mail?

I didn’t. I wasn’t logged on at that time and funny thing… thought never occurred to me. I can do that… but I’m very very surprised that contacting our CSMs on the CSM section of forums isn’t easier. shouldn’t they all have special CSM emails made available to them? Thanks for the advice

My CCP email is briscrubal@csm.eve.com.

You can also post here, send me an ingame mail or find me on one of the two dozen discords I’m on if you need to reach me.