{CSTAC} is looking for New Member and Staff

The Caldari State Trading Co. is an corporation specialized into High-Sec (PvE) activities:

- Mining (ICE/ORE)
- Trading, Hauling and Industry
- Research
- FW and Mission Running

We work and deal with all types of players, including industrialists, manufacturers, mission runners, stationtraders, wholesalers and miners.

As a Corporation we are Member of the EDENCOM Defensive Initiative Alliance.

Our Corporations has offices in several empires and in 0.0 Space as well as in High- and Low-Sec. Nevertheless our Mainbase lies in the Caldari Space.

You want to join a low tax company? you have Alts and dont know which corporation you will join? Maybe the Caldari State Trading Co. is the right place for you!

Contact us about anything you want to know!

Public channel: CSTAC
Discord: https://discord.gg/fgYaVt4z

Every Player is welcome … !!!