New player looking for a caldari based hi-sec corporation

Hi, I am a new player looking for a corporation that is in caldari space, low or high sec (perferably high). that does a lot of PvE. Missions, Ratting, and the invasion stuff, (not sure what all that entails) Me personally I would like to spend time playing this game enjoying myself instead of maximizing my isk per hour, I still want to make isk, im just not consumed with it.
I want to play this game blowing things up, with other people and shooting the breeze. As I have said im new and learning all of what there is to do in this game is going to take a while i would like a corporation that is new player friendly.
If you are recruiting and are in caldari space, please send me mail with a way to talk to you or your recruiters.
Thank you!

bump, still looking…

How does Amarr space sound?

Can offer incursions in highsec and lowsec pvp as well as roams into null to cause mischief

Sound good?

Message me in-game

Greetings! We match what you looking for! Plz mail me or join naabal help center chat ingame

Hey! We are a fast growing Corp in Caldari hi sec with plenty of active content everyday! We would like you to join so message me in game if you are interested


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