New player looking for an Amarr-only corp in high sec

Heya, I’m a new player (started some 2-3 weeks ago now) and after trying some options and learning more about the game and lore I decided I liked Amarr the most so made a new character and I’m sticking to Amarr. I’m one of those RP idiots who actually cares about his character and lore.

I KNOW that it doesn’t make sense to stick to your own faction only and I KNOW that for most pve options Caldari is just better but after a rather active back and forth, helped by people in Rookie chat explaining things and/or playing devil’s advocate, I WANT to play this way.

So I’m looking for an Amarr-only corp in Amarr high security space that does… things. I tried mining on my first char and didn’t like it so a mining focussed corp is NOT what I’m looking for but it’s ok to have it “in the mix”. So far I’ve been doing some missions but right now I’m focussing on anomalies and combat sites while trying to get into PI and trading, beyond that I don’t know yet. I’m old, so not the fastest learner, meaning I try to stick to one subject to really understand it before moving on.

I don’t like massive crowds so I’d prefer a smaller corp and/or one that isn’t part of some massive alliance. Not a fan of shouty or edgy people either, really just looking for down to earth active people who interact with each other in a meaningful way.


  • Amarr only
  • high sec
  • NOT a mining focus
  • no big massive corp/alliance filled with randoms, quality over quantity
  • no annoying people
  • active use of voice

I’m an active player, always try to do my best and be prepared for whatever it is I’m doing and I like interacting with people, if they’re the right kind of people.

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