Cursor flickering

Does anyone have a flickering cursor? Changing interval up makes its flicker less frequent, changing in lower - more frequent. Windowed mode doesn’t change anything.

OS: Opensuse Thumbleweed
Kernel: 5.4.7-1-default
GPU: RX580 8Gb.

Seems like an issue occuring with AMD GPUs?..

Also, for some reason flickering goes away when:

  1. I’m resizing an in-game window.
  2. After right-clicking in a place where it doesn’t trigger any menu (in empty space in hangar, for example)
    It comes back shortly after.

Also2, I found out that lowering the resolution from 1080p to anything lower fixes the issue somehow - but only in fullscreen. Wonder if this has something to do with DE or X11 itself, or having 2 monitors enabled.

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