Mouse cursor flickers, when moved

Wanted to try out eve online again after a long time and I can not seem to get the client work properly.

The problem: Mouse cursor is invisible when moved and reappears, when it is still, rendering the game nearly unplayable.

I can reproduce this with every latest wine version available in dev and without.
I’ve tried with

  • Retina
  • Enable high DPI scaling
  • Run clients with DX9
  • Enable hardware rendering
    checked and unchecked combinations with no luck.

Has anyone else experienced this and maybe fixed it ? :confused:

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I’ve tried more settings, but this time outside the EVE client.

I’m using macbook pro display together with LG HDR 4k 27-inch (connected via egpu).

In certain condition the flickering is gone:

  • When client is visible on MBP built-in display, regardless of set scaled resolution in Display settings.
  • When client is visible on 4k display, when resolution is set to 1440p or less.

My setup involves 4k screen set to 3008x1692 scaled resolution, and this is one step above 1440p, at which point the problem manifests.

I’ve also noticed following:
When client is on built in display, the mouse cursor is very smooth. However when it is on 4k display with 1440p scaled res. (which seems to fix the problem), it is not nearly as smooth, BUT when scaled all the day down to 1080p, it is very smooth.

Now I would have assumed that enabling hardware rendering would fix this behaviour all-together, but it seems to not be the case at all.

I hope this info will help someone stuck on same problem.

Is this a known issue with EVE client or Wine ? I have plenty of games installed via wine and none have had this kind of problem :confused:

I have this problem too.

Have you made any progress in solving this problem?

I am having the exact same problem as it is described by you.

Same problem

I also am having these same issue.