A cursor problem

Running on High Sierra, 10.13.6, the Eve Client works fine with whatever version of Wine I’m using (I haven’t updated it in a while - it’s been working, so why would I?) But I’ve had a long time problem when I switch out of EVE to try to go use Safari. The damn cursor jumps randomly all over the place, making it unusable. Basically, when this happens, I have to quit EVE in order to do anything else at all. Thing is, it doesn’t happen all the time - but it’s much more frequent now than it used to be. I don’t know whether it’s EVE, Wine, Mac OS, Safari, or something else. Any suggestions?

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i’ve got the same issue. (latest client on mac)
Guess this is the same trouble with WINE memory leak.

i just begging the CCP to fix the MacOS gameplay!

btw in window mode everything is ok.

confirmed. same here.

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