[CVA] Imperial Dreams one of EVE's OLDEST Corporations

There are not many corporations (or guilds, or alliances for that matter) who can lay claim to having been active for over a decade. We are EVE’s second oldest corporation still active and in existence.

Imperial Dreams, traditionally a closed corporation, is one of New Eden’s oldest and most vaunted corporations (founded June 2003). We have thrived because we are a corporation with a purpose. As Amarrian loyalists, we extend the might and jurisdiction of the Holy Amarr Empire into the reaches of null-security space. As supporters of the NRDS (Not Red Don’t Shoot) rules-of-engagement, we are not simply trying to grab a piece of space for ourselves, we are working to build and support an active civilization.

Imperial Dreams founded Curatores Veritatis Alliance, has the largest collection of Amarr hull BPO’s, is an industrial powerhouse with a cove of thousands of ships for Corp members, and more importantly, we engage with the game universe.

We govern the Providence region, which is the easiest null-security space for neutrals, traders and new pilots to get out and explore. We enforce Amarrian law. We protect residents against pirates, criminals and Minmatar terrorists. We welcome law-abiding neutrals to come and enjoy the riches therein.

It is no wonder our territory is the most economically diverse and active in all of null-security space and has one of the richest and most long-standing capsuleer cultures.

While we aim to make the region as safe as possible, there are always those who come seeking to kill or steal. Thus our combat pilots rarely want for fights. From one-on-one exchanges to the largest battles in New Eden, our pilots are there.

First and foremost, we are looking for those who are Amarrian Loyalists. We are, and have always been, proud members of the Amarr Empire, and loyal to the Empress.

We welcome both Amarrian pilots and those of other races who have converted to the Amarrian Faith regardless of their level of experience.

While we are not dedicated to PVP, we are part of a sovereign null-security alliance. You should be willing to contribute to the defense of the region when called upon.

For more information visit our recruitment page.

“A Dream of mutual support, a Dream of sacrifice for each other, a Dream of law and justice. More than just a common dream, it is an Imperial Dream” - Bishop Merdaneth, Sword of God, Aegis Militia

A call to the Faithful of Amarr, to join Imperial Dreams for God, Empire, and Empress.

Many of the pilots who fly with Imperial Dreams want a sense of purpose; “Violence should always have a reason” is the philosophy that was inherited from the corporation’s founder Aralis.

We are actively searching for indy magnates and combat pilots. Join to be part of a renewed Operation Deliverance!

Honorable pilots of the Amarr Empire, join our course!

Join Imperial Dreams - A corporation with a long history and values. We care about what we fight for!

Aralis and many other old vets reactivated. The old spirit lives! We keep being stubborn, we keep having a purpose. Join today!

IG needs more dedicated capsuleers. Apply!

And where are you now “Defenders of Lowsec Domain and Providence”?

I am. :slight_smile: In Holy Providence. Where we belong. NRDS. Content creation. A home away from home for the new and inexperienced. We need your help Brothers. Amarr Victor!

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