Join the Crusade for Retribution - Imperial Dreams - CVA

Join the Crusade for Retribution - Imperial Dreams - CVA
Imperial Dreams is the one of oldest and most prestigious active corporations in Eve, founded in 2003.06.02. We are also one of the founding corporations of Curatores Veritatis Alliance [CVA].

We have thrived all these years because we are a corporation with a purpose. As Amarrian loyalists, we extend the might and jurisdiction of the Holy Amarr Empire into the reaches of null-security space.
However, times have changed and now instead of extending Amarrian influence into the dark reaches of null security space, we are now on a mission of Retribution and Redemption.

We are starting a new chapter in our history and we are looking for pilots to help us in our penitent Crusade, Operation Retribution. What once was a goal to develop a peaceful place in Providence for all who wanted to participate in commerce and live in peace is now gone. What remains is our plan to seek penance, grow to new strengths, and seek vengeance on those who have opposed us.

We seek the righteous from all walks of eve to join us on this holiest of missions.

What we offer:

  • Daily Alliance PvP Fleets.
  • Weekly PvE Events (Mission, Abyssal Sites, Mining)
  • PvP Fun Roams.
  • Ore, Fuel PI & Abyssal Buyback Program.
  • Access to great low-sec pockets.
  • Null/Low Sec Moon Ore.
  • Discord and Mumble.
  • Discord BoT setup.
  • New Player Teaching and Help.

What we require:

  • A can-do Attitude
  • ESI Checks
  • Willing to abide by our code of conduct
  • Active players.

To apply please visit
Or visit our in-game channel guards for more information.


Come fly with us… whether you’re newbro or not… easygoing atmosphere and corp mates willing to help. Drop by our public in game channel guards for any questions you may have.

Besides easygoing atmosphere you’ll be able to learn or get better with various different things… like how to fit your ship…

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