Cyno 5 PVP/PVE Pilot Price Check

I’m curious how much I would get for this character. May well sell from this post if the right price offered.
Pw: 12345

44m SP
Cybernetics 5. Bonus Remap availalable now. Yearly Remap in 2 months.
Blops Hunter - Tengu Pilot w/ Cyno Lvl 5
T2 Light Missles, T2 Torps, T2 HAMs, T2 Rockets, T2 Cruise
Caldari and Minmitar Ass. Frig Pilot
Can fly Gila and Rattlesnake
Can fly Jackdaw and Flycatcher
All Sheild compensation skills to Lvl 5
Most missile support skills to Lvl 5
Scanning support skills all up to Lvl 4
Caldari DST/Blockade Runner Pilot (Transport Ships LVL 4)
Over 2m SP in Mining Barge and Resource Processing skills to extract if not required

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