[Price Check] Caldari Pilot 17.8m SP (Possible Sell)

I have not played in years and am thinking on finding a different Pilot. So i would like to see what i would be offered on this one.

Date of Birth 2014-02-06
Skill Points 17,759,359
Unallocated SP 47,755
Yearly Remap 1
Bonus Remaps 0
Security Status -0.19
Extractable Injectors 25

Ships i remember flying.
Tengu - Jackdaw - Manticore - Interceptor

Positive KD/IskKD

I can offer 8b.

8.5b offer

I feel like that is a bit low. I have been looking at the SP extraction prices and to extract 25 and resell it you would make roughly 18billion

You didn’t take into account cost of the extractors.

Ahhh you’re right.

10B final

Please take this down, information is now incorrect. I extracted the character.

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