WTS Three Barge/VNI Pilots - CLOSED

(Kuulo Frank) #1

12.8M SP https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Kuulo_Kautsuo
18.2M SP https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Kuulo_Anninen
14.6M SP https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Kuulo_Hanomaa

All Pilots are located in highsec and have no killrights
There are various JC/Implants on them (can see in the links).

Starting Bids are 1b less than their respective skillpoints.
Will sell them all together for 40B

Umm kinda awkward but I forgot I just sold this character. I will remake this thread in a bit on a character I am not selling

(Master Collector) #2

how much do you what on Kuulo_Kautsuo

(Kuulo Frank) #3


(Master Collector) #4

highest i can value all of them is at 27 billion, So i think we are to far apart in our pricing. this is a real shame as i own all the other Kautsuo family members in eve :frowning:

(Kuulo Frank) #5

Sadly I could just extract them myself at that price. If you are going to use the characters I feel that I listed a fair price.

(Master Collector) #6

i feel you on that matter, 27b is the resale price, used toons around 30-35b seams the right price, if i can manage the 30 billion could you do that price. I wish you the best in selling them.

(Kuulo Frank) #7

Umm kinda awkward but I forgot I just sold this character. I will mail you in game and remake this thread.

(system) #8

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