Price Check 5.6m SP Caldari Bomber Pilot

I want to Get a Price check on this Pilot.
5.6m SP

2014 Pilot
Pos Wallet

Good Killboard
14.11B Killed - 2.01 Lost

you can sell him around 3.8 / 4.1b

Alright perfect, yeah i extracted all the XP i needed for about 100$ in plex. sure 18bill plus selling this could have got me something but i have looked for weeks on a specific low SP focus and could not find it. Lost 4mill SP in the process but i figured i could make that up by selling him. Im still on a 24hr corp CD but after that ill sell him to whoever wants it.

Do you know who has to pay the $20 now? Is it the buyer or the seller?

the seller.

Offer 4b

4.1 b

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