[CYNO] Suddenly Spaceships is Recruiting

Suddenly Spaceships

We are Mind Games. the Executor and creator corp of the Suddenly Spaceships. alliance, a corporation with nearly 8 years of history in EVE. From mercenary work to Lowsec Piracy to Sov Warfare to Wormholes, over the last 8 years we have been involved in nearly all aspects of EVE.

These days you will find us living in a C2 WH with C5/NS statics allowing us to raid all across the stars into multiple regions every night.

We are a close knit community that strives to play EVE at a high skill level while still having fun.
We are looking for pilots with a decent understanding of EVE mechanics who are looking to take their EVE PVP to the next level.

Joining Requirements:

Join ingame channel: Suddenly Spaceships. Public
Register on our forums here and create an application following the format provided.
Be well versed in PvP with a decent killboard history to show it.
40mil SP (recommended) / Able to fly one ship from each of our doctrines (Armour and Shield T3s, Triglavian Ships, Machariels)
Have an alt that can fly a Covert Ops or Astero prober and an alt that can fly a Sabre/Interceptor
We are PvP focused, you are expected to be too.

What you can expect:

Experienced members, who have been in this game for a LONG time.
Experienced leadership and FCs, and an opportunity to learn to do both.
A community of friendly, amazing people, who enjoy playing together
Wormhole, Nullsec and Lowsec PvP

Make sure to join our public channel Suddenly Spaceships. Public


:heart: Mind Games


Sunday evening sends it to the top!!


Come and join us!

Join “Suddenly Spaceships. Public” if you are interested

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