D3ad End Recruiting pvp and indy corps for sov null


D3ad end is currently recruiting coprorations ready to take the plunge into sov null. We are currently based in Catch and are apart of the RMC coaliton.

What we require:

Coms when in space ratting/ mining
Atleast 5 members in corp. Number of toons is not a requirment
Willingness to pvp at a moments notice. We like to rapid form when nuets come into system. its free content.

What we Offer:
Dynamic moon rental system where each corporation has a opertunity at a moon for 0 tax
85 percent jita buy back in null sec.
Bunch of stupid dudes who think they are good at the game and some cool Canadians.

If your intreasted please join our discord or private message me Justin Ijonen in game!

Fly whatever way floats your goat. o7