DAB - Recruitement

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We are looking for new blood in our corp.

DAB - Killboard

Contact - Recruitment
Renwall Stoneheart, Fintroll or djNME

Contact - Corp Mergers
Seeking potential mergers with small to medium sized corporations. Contact Renwall Stoneheart, Fintroll or djNME.

Membership Requirements

  • Minimum of 20 million Skillpoints
  • Be able to fly the majority of alliance. fleet ship fits corectly. Speak with a recruiter for details.
  • Team speak,
  • Logging in to EvE on a regular basis
  • PVP
  • Team player

DAB’s youtube channel

Join ingame channel -> DAB-Chat

About Us
Dark Angel Battalion [DAB] was formed in December of 1999 by the name of DarkFleetDAB. Best 3 words to describe DAB: friendship, fun and teamplay in a competitive environment. We dislike politics and try minimize it and focus on the fun aspect of this game. DAB believe in respect for the tenacious, friend or foe, and look down on those that instill doubt and lack of confidence in themselves. DAB will fight till the end, sacrificing for their comarades even if it means defeat, only then to rise up again and complete the challenges set before them.


Long-ago returning player seeks small corp
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Our home is in Pure Blind / Deklain with good content both PVE and PVP.

Come have a chat with us ingame.

Channel name = dab-chat

(Andr4de) #3

Great Corp, Join up.

(Fintroll) #4

Join us in null sec guys and girls :slight_smile:

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Looking for small corps wanting to merge in to DAB.
Also looking for recruiters.

Tired of highsec - lowsec. Join us. Merge with us.

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Join us in null.
SOV warfare. Small gang pew pew.
Mining. Ratting. All the stuffs.

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Daily fleets both alliance and coalition wide.
Join us in null.

(KiloAlpha) #8

These guys are great to fly with , you wont go wrong if you join them

(KiloAlpha) #9

Friendly bump

(Fintroll) #10

Join us why dont you :slight_smile: Always looking for players to fly with.

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Friendly bump :fist_left:t2:

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