DAB Recruiting Pilots

Dark Angel Battalion [DAB] is a nullsec corporation and a member of the 2000+ pilot Solyaris Chtonium [SLYCE], a well-established sov-holding alliance.

Join our Discord to have a chat.

Looking for:
PVE and PVP Pilots
Participation in all CTA and REDPEN fleets

Leadership: djNME , Fintroll
Diplomacy: Fintroll , djNME
Mergers: Fintroll , djNME
Site: http://dab-online.net/
YouTube: DAB Youtube Channel with over 90 videos to this date.

Public Channel : DAB-Chat
Recruitment : Min. 15 SPs]
Home: Etherium Reach

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Been a while Fintroll o7 glad to see you guys back and kicking in terms of recruitment. much love from the short bus

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Nice to se you :slight_smile: Been a while for sure.

We are looking for small corps tired of low sec/highsec and want to try out some nullsec.
Contact me ingame and have a chat or join our ingame channel DAB-Chat.

Nice to see you still around! Best of luck!

Don ZOLA/shone

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Lots of mining to do here, Get in

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I truly believe that a small to medium size corp in a medium sized alliance is the way to go.

DAB Corporation and Slyce Alliance hits that sweet spot.

Do some research, then look us up if you’re interested.

(P.S. - We’re not asshats. Also, we love music :sunglasses:)

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Look, the skinny of the matter is that I’m probably a bit biased in my review of DAB. Sue me. Consider my account, or don’t. Whatever. They rock. I’ve been involved with DAB since before my teenage daughter was born. They’re as legit as corps come, in EVE.

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A good corporation with a dedicated core, competent leadership and exceptionally good atmosphere in my experience. If you are looking for a home for yourself longer term this is the corporation to be in.

Best of luck with the recruitment :slight_smile:

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Thank you. Kind of you to say :slight_smile:

Looking for those special snowflakes out there :slight_smile:

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