[DadTZ] Null Sec PvP Is Recruiting - Find A Healthy Eve/Life Balance With Us!

Good Day Capsuleer!

DadTZ is currently recruiting Alpha and Omega pilots of all backgrounds. We are the executor corp of the Spaceship Family Alliance.

We are a Null Security PvP corporation focused on offering a healthy Eve/Life balance.

For the best overview of what we can offer you I’d suggest taking a look at our 2021 Q4 update presentation. These are prepared quarterly and always keep you connected on the offerings, objectives and future of the corporation.

2021 Q4 Release: DadTZ 21 Q4 Release

To apply please stop by our Discord and reach out in the recruitment channel: https://discord.gg/Pvv3zr54Mm


  • Welcome package worth 100M+ to get you flying day one in staging
  • 120% SRP on all Corp & Alliance fleets
  • Respect of Time Policy - Content that is scheduled, not last minute
  • Alliance Buyback & Courier services in all staging systems
  • PvP Prosperity Program where we funnel Billions back to DadTZ members for their PvP
  • Experienced Leadership & FC team to help guide and mentor you on your journey
  • A healthy Eve/Life balance. No pressure, no rage pings, etc
  • Dad Jokes, naturally

Mission Statement:

“To build a home in null sec where you can take as many fights as possible without sacrificing your real life for pixels.”

Still recruiting and have met some fantastic folks since opening this up! Give us a shout if you’d like to learn more!

Open for recruitment and appreciate everyone’s support!

Have had 3 new recruits join up today, come get in on the party with our welcome package highlighted in our Q4 Release Presentation!

Had some great content last night against WOMP (good fights guys) and still recruiting.

Had more great fights with some of the newer members all throughout the weekend and still recruiting!

Recruitment is still open! Come join the fun and get started with a welcome pack worth 100M+ isk!