[.FAM.] Spaceship Family Alliance Is Recruiting Corporations for Sov Null

Spaceship Family Alliance is a sov holding null sec alliance living in Impass and Catch. We are a full member of the Red Menace Coalition and were founded by Eve Veterans who have been around since the beginning of this games history.

We have a strong focus on our laid back culture and a consistent priority of Real Life first, the ability to treat Eve Online as a game, not a job.

By joining FAM you would be joining a family, not signing up for a new job.

What we offer:

  • Secure Null Sec Space for Ratting & Mining
  • Alliance moons including R64’s
  • 120% SRP for Alliance and Coalition Fleets
  • A stocked market and logistics network
  • IT Infrastructure
  • Convenient location 6 jumps from HS with Jump Bridges

What we are looking for:

  • Industry or PVP based corporations
  • Minimum 5 active members
  • Actively Recruiting
  • A desire to grow with the Alliance
  • A mature and relaxed culture

To discuss further please DM Creslin#0158 on Discord or inquire in Spaceship Family’s diplo channel on Discord Here

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Still looking!

Drop me a DM if interested!

Happy New Year! Please reach out if interested!

Still looking, feel free to reach out with questions!

Still looking, feel free to reach out!

Reach out If you’d like to discuss!

Still looking, drop me a line!

Reach out If interested!

Still looking for corps to join the family!

Interested in a new home for your corp? Reach out today!

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