Small Null Corp LF New Alliance

Hi Everyone,

My corporation is considering moving alliances, we have not fully decided on yet - its complicated

We are a small 10-15 man active corporation and what we are looking for is:

– Null Space Only –

  1. Regular access to PvP fleets really important
  2. Industry Opportunities - we like to mine and build things and seed the market
  3. Decent ratting space to provide isk
  4. Fun, please be fun… elitist AHO alliances need not contact us.

We are active, we are looking for a steady place to grow our corporation further!

Please reply here with some details or better yet send a mail to SpaceTigerCross


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You should totally join Darkness [DARK.]

Speak to Sort Dragon in game.

Darkness is an Alliance which does top PVP fleets ALL of the time!

Currently in nullsec in the Deklein region primarily


Check out Feign Disorder, contact @Wallymarts

Hello Space Tiger

We are a SOV Holding alliance in Fountain, we have a good set of allies nearby and we already have a good industry network however more indy pilots is ALWAYS welcome.

We have daily fleets, often 4-6 times a day through almost all timezones. We have friends nearby that jump in with us, or they host a fleet and we go pew.

We have weekly hand out fleets that are basically just for fun, they range from HML Orthrus’s to t1 cruisers to go welp!

hit me up if you are interested.

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