[DadTZ] Nullsec PVP Corporation Is Recruiting Alpha and Omega Pilots

DadTZ, a member of Spaceship Family Alliance, is recruiting Alpha and Omega pilots with no SP minimum. We are a new PvP focused Corporation living in Null Sec (0.0) space with daily PvP content. We are building from the ground up and would love for you to join us on this journey, for you to have an opportunity to really leave a mark on Eve. Our primary TZ is late USTZ however all time zones are welcome.

What we offer:

  • An environment where NOTHING will ever be more important than your RL obligations
  • A community where everyone is treated like family
  • Mentorship and Guidance from Pilots that have seen and done most everything in Eve
  • Daily PvP content
  • SRP Program (includes fleets that you ping)
  • Alliance Buyback on most everything
  • Top end IT services and tools
  • Dad Jokes – What concert costs just 45 cents? 50 Cent featuring Nickelback!

What we are looking for:

  • Family does not have a requirement on height or arm length and we don’t have requirements on SP or account status. We care about the player, not the character
  • A desire to treat your corporation and Alliance like a second family
  • For you to respect that your fellow pilots do not live in Eve and have their own obligations in RL
  • A desire to learn as part of a community and accept no one is an expert on all aspects of this game
  • Dad Jokes - we want all your dad jokes

Join us and be part of a family, don’t resign to being a nameless number in a blob that colors 25% of the map.

To apply visit our website: https://spaceshipfam.com/

To chat with us visit our Discord: https://discord.gg/Wq8MG2AwBa

Continuing to make progress as we take our first Sov Space! Content every night and a great group to spend time with and relax!

Another AAR for your viewing pleasure:

AAR for 12/27/20:

Today we just captured the IHUB in our first Sov Null home outside of NPC space!

Now is a great time to join as we build this up and hold our ground to defend it.

AAR of the event can be found below.

Date & Time: 12-30-20 20:00-21:30

Who attended: Creslin, Bandht, Bodem

Doctrine: Toasting Tristians and Caracals

Objective: Win the IHUB timer of (redacted) to try and make the system our new home and put down our own IHUB


Watchmen IHUB - 650M


https://zkillboard.com/kill/89602969/ - Toasting Tristian 30M

https://zkillboard.com/kill/89602996/ - Toasting Tristian 30M

  • Toasting Tristian 30M

  • Toasting Tristian 30M

Net Isk efficiency: Positive 530M 84%

Summary of the fleet: Earlier in the week we had successfully reinforced the IHUB of (redacted) and were getting ready to make our play and settle our new home.

The timer came out in the middle of the work day for most of us but we were able to get enough characters into the constellation and we made a great push to get nodes early before a response could form.

About 30 minutes in a Dramiel came hunting and caught a couple of alts that weren’t paying attention. We then brought in a few extra caracals to help defend the remaining toasters.

The rest of the timer went just fine and we won! The existing IHUB was removed and we brought in our own IHUB to settle our first system as an Alliance!

Couldn’t be more proud of the fam and all their hard work! Now the next challenge, we must hold our space!

Another exciting day today as we once again won another IHUB timer!

Still looking for pilots to join our space family and come PVP with us :slight_smile:

Still recruiting! Still having daily PVP fleets going out with lots of fun!

Recruiting is going strong with daily PVP! Come join our space pixel family!

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