Daft Question No 1

I would like to use my game avatar portrait as my Discord avatar portrait. So where does the file go when I capture my game avatar portrait!!

The Eve Image Server is at https://image.eveonline.com/

You need your character ID. The easy way to get this is From zkillboard (because you can search on names): https://zkillboard.com/character/2116227524/

And bingo.

(sorry - that sounded snarky when I read it back to myself. That’s not the intent, CCP publish a lot of good stuff from the Eve databases, but sometimes finding is a little obtuse since it’s referenced by numbers.)


Thank you for your response Terak, I said it was a daft question and I now realise how obvious the answer was!!! NURSE… Nurse …

That’s not daft at all, I had no idea as well.
Thanks for the tip!


I was also today years old when I learned this

Same, I just right click on my portrait in game and select capture portrait.

Can you do that??

Yep :slight_smile:

It stores it in my documents in the EVE folder.

So if you click on your portrait. And right click it will show a menu item with capture portrait.


One can also grab it copypaste right off zkill https://zkillboard.com/

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