Daily Active Group Seeking New Pilots - Stain & Cache - NPC and SOV NULL

I hear many times, ‘I joined X group but it was so big I just felt lost’.
Or, ‘I joined x group, there was no activity there or it died 2 weeks later’.

Our group which is growing have been established for years. We have daily activity.
We would like to grow our mining fleets and industry skilled people.
We are also recruiting many professions, its important for you to be able to play the game the way you wish, where you can have the most fun.
We will support you to achieve this. We also have years of Eve experience to share with you to help your eve career flourish.

We also have a lot of PVP options, the way our corp/alliance is set up, pvp is optional for you and not required. You will not see any demands for CTA’s, only if you wish to be involved. If you want to learn PVP, we can support you also with years of experience in corp.

If you are interested, prefer a relaxed game style with a chilled friendly group, for best results, eve mail me, I will get back to you quickly.
Or, direct message me in game.

Fly Wise o7

Daily bump, 1% tax, great Corp, many active players with years of experience to share.

Bump of the day, have it your way, at BK…

Friday bump, lots of things going on, come try us out!

Downtime bump, there is a lot to offer over here, double or triple the ISK you make? With a fun chilled group of people? Sharing a wealth of Eve experience?
Feel free to reach out if interested.

Easter holiday bump. Returning to Eve? Looking for a cool group? Need to relearn the game? Then feel free to reach out! Many isk making and various opportunities await. Contact me in game via mail or direct message.

Many Thanks,

Sunday bump, we have a lot of stuff going on, come make some isk and experience Eve your way.

Downtime bump, daily active corp, we welcome you to join. Contact me for more info.

Daily bump, daily activity, many opportunities.

Daily bump, looking for active pilots, pop me a message or start an in game conversation/email. Catch you soon!

Bump of the day, still recruiting, come say hi.

Easter Friday Bump!

Bump of the day, lost to do, lots to explore, come say hi, null doesnt bite if you do it right.

Daily bump, recruiting is open, we have a team to grow and roles to fill. Be as involved as you would like to be.

Daily bump, lots going on, come get involved.

Daily bump, recruiting recruiting recruiting.

Bumpy bump bump, recruiting continues.

Daily bump, recruitment open, chilled friendly corp, lots to explore.

Daily Bump, come on down, the ISK is right.

Bumpy Bumpleton