Dangerous Intentions. NullSec Sov Holding

Old alliance new owner

We call Scalding Pass home

Corp Styles:

Main Languages English
Relaxed, casual gaming. No skill requirements, few alarm clock ops.
PVP to full carebear style players.
Members are expected to participate in MAX CTAs only if they are online at that time.

ISK Making

Quiet systems for mining/ratting
Fully upgraded PVE systems.
Good market hubs for buying and selling your stuff.
Upgraded stations for manufacturing and processing.
Great intel channel and tools to keep track of hostile gangs


We follow NBSI rules
Very Active PVP community.
Roaming, capital ops and home defense style PVP fleets.
Fleet doctrines accessible to low skilled players (T1 frigates).
Ship replacement program.
Ore BuyBack
Free T1 ships for rookies

New Player Support

We will help you get settled and set up to make good ISK.
New members can potentially get to the point of paying for PLEXs using ISK in about a month or two.

Send Eve Mail to Jarvin Estemaire or Dragin Hamu


Max welp

Yet still big time isk positive. Big welp pays off.



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