Suspicious Intentions [Newbie friendly/PVP Focus/ Nullsec]

Suspect is a nullsec group in which you matter.

(also we have catears)

Suspicious Intentions is recruiting and we want you!
We are a nullsec corporation focused on creating a community you want to be part of and make friends to play the game with. We have a PVP focus and the income to support it. So if you want to take part in Corp level deployments, big fights and make yourself a name in EVE join us and be part of Suspect today.

We offer to you:

:white_check_mark: A full wiki with guides on everything you want to know
:white_check_mark: Corp Level and Coalition level SRP
:white_check_mark: Access to nullsec space.
:white_check_mark: A vibrant and active community.
:white_check_mark: Well-made youtube guides on most activities (WIP)
:white_check_mark: Limitless stockpile of newbro ships. Be brave and try things out!

Things we do:

:crossed_swords: Fleet fights, Corp Level deployments, Black Ops (even for new players) and Roams
:dollar: Ratting, DED Farming, Exploration, Gas Huffing
:rock::pick: Ice mining, Moon Mining, full industry setup

What we expect of you:

:white_check_mark: To take part in our community and actively engage with us.
:white_check_mark: To actively try to learn and play the game in a way you want.
:white_check_mark: 5 Million Skillpoints to join the main corp / 2 Million Skillpoints to join the University Corp
If you don’t fulfil the skillpoint requirements, don’t fret! Just join our discord and we will still help you to reach those requirements.

Suspect is a corp in which you matter.
So if you want to become a part of our community come and join our discord server:

Our Zkillboard for anyone who cares for statistics:



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