[Nullsec] Suspect Squadron - Having fun is part of EVE

Suspect Squadron is looking for you!

Who is Suspect Squadron?
We are a not-so-small, relatively young, group focused on achieving something in EVE while giving our members the best possible experience by supporting them in what they want to do. We live in Nullsec as part of WinterCoalition. So far we have been quite successful in this task. We are accepting both veterans and newbros alike.

What do we do?
Do you enjoy blapping stuff in cheap ships? Do you enjoy mining rocks or just seeing your wallet grow and farm for the next coolest ship? Do you want to be an industrial tycoon or be a successful FC and get when you ping more than just 3 dudes who you might even have to force to show up? Due to a very active middle management all those are possible. We focus primarily on getting the best out of every member and having them grow individually.

PVP focus
We are focused on making sure our members enjoy PVP and don’t have to worry about “wasting ISK”. Therefor we are handing out ships at a 70% jita price while SRP covers more than the actual price of the ship, essentially rewarding members for taking part in fleets and skilling for the cooler ships. We also have a very lax approach to FCing and see whelping as a part of the growing process, as long as a lesson is taken from it. We are focused currently on more common line doctrines while we are looking into building up a Bomber wing.

Normal PVE
We have guides to ratting and do not limit the scope of what our members are allowed to do. So if you are creative you can also make ISK in other ways. For mining there is moon mining almost every 2nd day with a new moon and we own our own personal Rorqual fleet for boosting purposes. Almost everything is instantly buybackable, too. This means mine to your hearts content and we will make sure that you get paid.

We are living extremely close to Jita and have access to all the production station anyone could need. We also own a BPO library to which industrialists can be given access to get cheap BPCs for their own needs. Not to forget: WinterCo is also a coalition that needs ships and miners tend to blow up at times, too. We also have our own indi group focused on making indi operations a viable group effort to tackle bigger tasks. The buyback is also directly integrated into this: You can directly buy ores off the corporation with members being able to reprocess it at the absolute maximum.

More infos:
Timezones: Our timezone split is roughly 60% EU, 40% US with a very small asian community.
We are looking also for middle management in USTZ as that is what hurts us the most in that TZ.
Average age: Our average age is a bit younger than most corporations with most members being between 20 and 40.
Comms: We are using Mumble for Voicechat and Discord for chatting.

Our ZKillboard:

Are you interested or have questions? Don’t hesitate and feel free to contact us via discord!


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