Darien Avan for CSM 14

Darien is one of the first people i met in this game and i dont have a single bad thing to say about him. He is always trying to help with any way possible, always trying for the best and always looking for new ways to move forward!!
Go for it Darien!!!

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I am trying to work out why you are running as hisec as you are very evidently nullsec. Please could you explain?

As you have detailed Hisec I would be interested to hear your views on two questions I have.

The first and most important to me is what do you think about and what do you want to suggest in terms of bumping and how it is used in hisec as a no consequence point which they can apply and have done for hours and which gives too much control in terms of the battlespace imo. They do not need to bump to gank freighter because if you look at JF’s they gank a lot on the gates with suicide points. Ganking will not end without bumping and as this is totally imbalanced against hisec solo haulers what is your view on this.

Another issue which I would like to expose, something that I tried to push in the war dec discord before I got meta gamed out of it and in the dev threads, I especially noted Jin’Taans ideas here. War decs, it got close to what I wanted to see, but there is still one missing piece, from my perception of war decs the real push should be to make the defender want to fight. CONCORD allows wars to develop capsuleers, but all the major war dec alliances and corps TZ tank. Therefore we need to make the structure in which the war HQ is in to be vulnerable in the TZ of the defender. Then we can turn carebears into carebears with teeth. What is your opinion of this?

First I would like to thank you for taking the time to be here, converse with me and seek my point of view. If you scroll though my website and my priorites you will see that mainly are focused on specific parts of the game and the most relevant part with H-Sec maybe the structure part thesis. Although I will have to ask for relevant time to answer in a later post on both topics you refer.
thanks again

If CCP were to table a motion that made a playstyle unplayable - or even just not any fun anymore - would you challenge that even if you disagree with the playstyle and, if so, how?

Could you please elaborate and become a little bit more specific please?

Hi there,

Not sure I should vote for you, but I like your tone:

However, what you say is a bit glossed over and generalized and you don’t say anything in support of highsec. Granted, you’re for nullsec, pvp and pve, but in my firm opinion ALL candidates, no exceptions should be for ALL players, or at least have an involvement.

Anyway, enough rant.

I’ll add you as one of my votes.

Hello there, thanks for the vote of confidence friend. I am standing for all players who feel oppressed, pushed and want to enjoy the game, plain and simple. I had my share of Null and I am looking into a lot of things currently.

The post is generalized for many reasons, I explain a lot here

Better late than never, here is my interview and an elaboration on my thesis for CSM 14.
I recognize that running for CSM in such a short notice can be inefficient, still running for such a thing can depict determination and set of mind for specific goals.
Thanks all who took the time here, lets hope for the best

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Hi Darien, now if I had known that first I would have put you in my top 3.

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I feel CSM is not doing the job it should, that is to represent the players and push CCP towards that goal, I feel CSM is used to fuel power hungry huge entities in game. That is how I feel. I have proposed a couple of things to cleanse CSM and make it crystal and clear for all players. It should be a voice to be heard, not a chair to be held