Dark Evolved Industries is recruiting low & hi sec

We are continually seeking new and skilled players alike to join our organization. Whether you are looking for a new corporation to join or you have a corp that is looking for a good alliance, you have come to the right place.

  • Experienced Leadership

  • Our alliance CEO has been CEO since the beginning of the game. His successful leadership ability is invaluable to the long-term survival and growth of our alliance. The rest of our leadership is composed of individuals who have proven leadership skills, maturity, intelligence, and who are dedicated to making the game experience fun for all our members.

  • Training guide

  • 0 % Tax

  • Implants

  • Ships

  • Easy money

  • Excellent Mining

  • PvP Training

  • Friends you can count on

  • Discord and TS3

  • Live corp and alliance killboard feed on discord.

join our public channel!
Dark Evolved Ind Public

new players are welcome! come check us out !

active member of one of the oldest alliances in the game

its important to have a mic and teamspeak and use it when in game.
real life always comes first.

stil open for recruits, come join us or have a chat with us in our public channel

Dark Evolved Ind Public

recruits are still welcome.

Come join our fleets and meet the others on coms!

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