Dark Venom Recuitment - We Want You!

Hello Eve Community

Dark Venom is a new corporation that was created to cater to new and returning players so that they can find a community to learn / re-learn the game in and grow as a group. We have veterans who have taken it upon themselves to train new players and act as mentors, we are also always open for a chat / laugh so come on by.

Our corp is growing fast, with more recruits each day. Now is the perfect time to join a fast growing community that has leadership and support from the veterans of the game.

Requirements are very low:

  • New players welcome.
  • We are international, all timezones
  • 5% Tax while corp is building.
  • 18+ (or make us think you are)
  • No drama, we work as a team.
  • Leadership has 20 years combine xp in running very successful corps.
  • Willing to teach new bros how to play.
  • Willing to PLEX FC’s , after a 1 month trial.
  • Mission running for isk, soon we will have Athanor and ready to mine some good stuff.
  • Reward’s for helping recruit.
  • PM me for a chat or join our discord https://discord.gg/zufTAPx7 , Dad jokes welcomed
  • No sp requirement, day one players ok
  • Teamspeak encouraged
  • Be willing to help, or stay quiet
  • Mineral buy back in the belt during mining operations
  • No douchebags

We are currently helping players with abyssals, mining and wormholes with plans to do nullsec roams.

This is a non-toxic community, no hotheads, no elitism just friendly help and growth.

If you would like to apply, please join the discord channel and say hello, please change your discord channel nickname to your ingame name.

Dark Venom Discord - Come Join Us

Our public channel ingame channel is also ‘Dark Venom. Public ’

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bumping again!

Hey are you accepting new Alpha characters ? or only Omega ones ? (I’m returning to the game after 4 years but have decided to start from scratch.

we sure do.

bumping baby

We are still looking for members thats wish to make isk and have fun!!!

we are still looking for new members to join us

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