Darkdust Industries Empire [Violente Fortuna] is looking for mature (18+ yrs) omega account members of all skill point levels

Darkdust Industries Empire is a multi-national corporation that has been continuously operating under the same management since 2006. For many years we operated in high sec as a mission running and mining corp, but now we are part of an aggressive and growing alliance that holds space in null sec.

We offer members many activities through our alliance to hone pvp skills and make isk in 0.0, as well as an optional separate track for new eve players to operate in high sec while learning the game under the tutelage of members with thousands of hours of eve experience.

Stability, content, and expert training is what our corp offers its members in a mature, friendly, multinational / multicultural environment.

Join us to help build our shared empire, as we help you to build your personal empire in EVE.

Contact Dingus Mutsuki for details.


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