DASTARDLY DARWINISM PIRATES! [alliance recruitment]

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I must say I’m impressed. What are the chances. My last kill right before I took a break 3 years ago was from you guys, and yesterday (after I literarily came back at a way different location) I lost my hauler to you guys again… what are the chances. Is this a sign? Rixxx | Character | zKillboard

I redeem myself… I have 2 characters this one and another character (ex-m0o, ex-BoB, ex-Pirate, Ex-NC. my other character Meridius | Character | zKillboard ) I don’t need much hand holding, I just want to play with people, generate fun content. Let me know what’s process is like, I’m ready to join anytime.

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Seen your post hit me up in game

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current playgrounds:

Khanid* region

Delve* region

Querious* region

The Citadel* region


Delve sheganiganze*

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