Data center agents help please

I’m at a data center location, namely Ahtulaima in The Forge, found the beacon for the agents, but there does not appear to be any there.
From what I have read in the archives of Evelopedia there should be three agents here, Tillen Matsu, Hosiwo Onima and Vaktan Sido, yet none are visable to me.
I have tried changing setting in my OV but nothing obvious sticks out and I have NPC agents checked.

Any insight would be helpful

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One suggestion, have an overview tab that shows All. This way you can always check it in case you miss anything selected.

Also, make sure you are showing Agents in Space. I thought that was a separate item in the overview. You should see the agent’s ship and when you mouse over the ship there should be 2 icons, one for the ship and one for the agent.

What system is this? If I am not far I can try to check it tonight but that will not be for a while.


Agents in space was not checked, once it was the agents came out of hiding.
Trying to figure this out all morning and suddenly…

Thanks for the help :slight_smile:


The beacon you are looking for is the “State Data Center”

Most UI issues are fixed by making a tab with all then removing manually till you find what you need :slight_smile:

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