Data Scanners?

Hi - recently I’ve been having fun knocking out NPC’s in 0.5 space - the furthest I’ve dared to travel into low-sec so far. I notice that the rats regularly drop “Data Scanners”. Looking at the info I can’t seem to see any market value or any info on what they may be used for or even if they can be reprocessed.
Is there any use for them?
Thanks in advance.

From the sounds of it, you are in a COSMOS constellation. This is a group of systems which contain agents at various sites in space who will give you one-time only missions. They often have a strict standing requirement to start and often have you acquire items which are seeded around the constellation. The mission award blueprints for ‘storyline’ modules.

Data Scanners are one of these required items. They are asked for by the agent Raidon Setala in Sakkikainen, he is a level 2 agent associated with the Guristas pirates.

They have no use other than for completing his mission, or selling to others who want to complete his mission via contracts (although given how common they are, they likely have little value for this).

Oh, and just FYI, 0.5 is still highsec (all highsec rules still apply there, CONCORD just takes a little longer to respond to unlawful aggression). Lowsec is 0.4,0.3,0.2 and 0.1 where CONCORD will not respond at all (although gate and station guns still attack aggressors).

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Thank you - sometimes the info on some of these items isn’t very helpful.

As for Hi-Sec / Lo-Sec - well - I am slowly getting there - one of these days I might be able to fly something I can afford to lose. :grinning: until then - its the Hi-Sec - run like e’l life for me!

If you did the career agents they handed you about a dozen T1 frigates for free, Im sure you can afford to lose one or two of those. In any case, a cheap frigate costs about 1m.

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