Noobie question on exploration please help

I just got into a Helios and was wondering what is a good fit for data and relic site scanning? Also once I get some stuff from a data site how do i sell it? When i sell the items are actual players buying them or NPC’s? I noticed I got paid right away and was wondering if they were other players buying or was just NPC’s . Please let me know…

P.S. Which ship should I be training for for exploration? I was leaning toward the Astero? Please let me know…

How are you in a Helios already without understanding the basics of exploration?

Anyway, as for fitting, you’ve got a lot of options with the Helios’ many mid-slots. A solid fit to start with can be found here (look at the High Scan Strength Explorer entry).

With the exception of a very few types of items, most of the buy and sell orders you see on the market are set up by other players. Selling your loot can be done one of two ways (unless your loot is a blueprint). First and foremost you need to transport it back to a station. If there are active buy orders for your items already set up by other players at that station you can sell the loot instantly. If there are not, and you do not wish to take the time to move the loot to a station where there are active buy orders, you can set up a sell order. Meaning you will not receive any ISK until someone buys from you on the market.

If you are already in a Helios, you are already in one of the endgame ships for exploration. The Tech 2 scanning frigates have stronger scanning bonuses than the Sisters of EVE ships, but the SOE ships are more combat-capable. If you want to run high-level combat signatures and sleeper sites, you’ll probably want to get a Tech 3 cruiser. But pretty much every pirate faction data and relic site in hi-sec, low-sec, null-sec and wormhole space (pirate sites can be found in wormholes of class C1 to C3) can be done rather easily in a Tech 2 scanning frigate. If you want to be able to defend yourself, or to sneak up and attack other players, you might eventually consider an Astero or Stratios. But those are both far, far more expensive than a T2 scanning frigate.


Well, I played for a while quite a while ago lol. But while I was playing I got into a Helios. And I did a lot of offline skill training. But been away so long I forgot just about everything lol.

I recommend that you practice in a Imicus for a bit. It’s not a bad ship, you can buy and fit twice for what the Helios cost.

Practice in high sec, the sites aren’t rich but very good practice. I scan sitting in my venture, and can get level 4 sites in with T1 scan rigs and sister probes as a 5mil alpha.

There are 3 different load outs you can plan for. Max scan(mostly what I use) a max hack, and max relic. The basics gear are all the same, launcher, covert cloak, hacker or relic, afterburner or MWD(and a overdrive injector doesn’t hurt if not going in low sec), something to tank, and surprisingly a cargo scanner(I been having trouble with sites blowing up on me for taking too long, so I started using a scanner to see if it was worth opening).

And remember that some sites explode after a certain time after you start hacking. Usually 90 seconds to around 2 mins. Either finish the sites fast or get what you want and get out(what the cargo scanner is for).

This is a good guide if you haven’t read it already.

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