Bestist Possible HighSec Exploration Set Up?

Ship, modules, skills, and implants; what is the theoretically strongest setup for exploration (data and relic) scanning?

I suggest the Buzzard and one of each of the tech 2 scanning modules in the mid slots, one of the relic and data site rigs, which you can only use the tech 1 ones because calibration points and the scanning implants, which you can find in the market section of implants with the same name.

Implants now have categories, which wasn’t always the case. You should be able to find them easy.
I believe an implant set called “virtue” alpha to omega increases scanning strength.

I have never flown a Helios before but if I am not mistaken, the Helios should have a similar amount of mid slots as the Buzzard does.

Just a note, I have never used any of the implants myself but I can say from experience that the rigs help a lot with more difficult data and relic sites.

Dear Mirr,
I’m afraid that there is no such thing. Or at least it would not make sense practically. If you are serious about exploration then don’t do it in high sec, because you can have way more fun and rewards in different space.

If you would insist on high sec exploration though, then very effective would be ships capable of doing Sleeper caches and ghost sites, which you may find in high sec occasionally and are worth doing.

Theory crafting would be possible though - like scanning alt in Buzzard with mids and rigs for scanning strength focusing on normal relic sites and dual boxing other character in Stratios focusing on the above mentioned better sites. But again, why would you do that.

Jump into first wormhole and go enjoy the fun.


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Your question is not thorough enough.

Do you plan to engage in any combat?
Will that include scan down combat sites?

Where do you plan to fly? Hisec, Lowsec, Nullsec?

Specifically just for Data and Relics…

Ship: T2 CovOps Frigate of choice

CovOps cloak
(Sister’s) Core Probe Launcher

  • (Sister’s) Core Probes x16 = 8 to launch and 8 to reload

Data Scanner \

    • Or Integrated Scanner

Relic Scanner /
Cargo Scanner = Tell what’s inside before you hack it open

Nanos = make you faster and more nimble

That’s it, that’s all you really need. Sure, you could get the implants. Sure, you could toss on some rigs. Maybe you could toss on some of the scanning Mid mods. But if you train up your skills decently, then most of those are a waste. This will get the job done.

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