Best scanning ship?

I am getting into scanning, whats the best ship to use? I am debating between a t3c or faction ship.


As always depends what you want to do and how your skills are. Some ships have a bonus to scan strength, some not but may be more suitable for other reasons.

To give you examples, I‘m using an interceptor for relic sites, the speed and nullification compensate for the missing scan strength bonus. Else solo I‘m flying T3D and T3C with combat probes for PvP, wormholes, and DED sites. But T3Cs would be a bad choice for relic/data sites only, they are just too slow.


Well, as usual it depends on what you wanna do.

I see people posting about the SoE ships for exploration but they only get a straight 37.5% increase to scan strength of probes.

Now if you’re just going for a Cloaky Scout ship then the T2 Covert Ops Frigate is definitely the best. It’s small signature and agility makes it very tough to catch. Ship bonus is 10% increase to scan strength of probes per level trained, that’s 50% increase with level 5 trained.

As for an all around Combat ship with the best Scan Bonus, that would be T3 Cruiser. The Covert Reconfiguration sub-system gives 10% increase to scan strength of probes per level trained in Defensive Systems, that’s 50% increase with level 5 trained.

It’s a much longer training time for T3 Cruiser but it’s definitely worth it due to various fitting options available just by changing it’s sub-systems. I use T3 Cruiser quite a bit, both for mission running and exploration.

Best scanning ship is dev ship because they know where all the sig’s already are xD


Most has been answered already I just want to add that the Buzzard - and Helios (thanks to @Sarah_Moonshine) - has the best slot layout of 5 mid slots of the Covert Ops frigates to get the best scan strength and speed.
If you want to be able to do combat too, a Buzzard is not what you want.

Great, where can we get one of those?

Meanwhile, in the rest of EVE…

I really like the Helios. the Buzzard as well. The four mid slots are nice to use for scan upgrades, and I can two/ three shot scan any sig… jumping from 8 au to 2 au to 1 or .5 au… usually gets it fast. I get over 120 points for scan strength with medium skills.

And a probe launcher CPU fitting bonus. The Expanded Probe Launcher II takes 243 CPU to fit but with the subsystem it’s 90 or 99% less.

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I’d argue that the Helios is actually better than the Buzzard, sad as that may be (because the Helios is incredibly ugly!). The Helios has more powergrid for a comparatively small loss in CPU. They both have the same number of mid slots but the Helios gets en extra low slot, which nets you a lot more flexibility when fitting, at the cost of one less high slot (that you don’t usually have use for, anyway, unless you wanna bring a salvager along).


I acutally thought the Helios would have only 4 mid slots, turns out thats wrong, it has 5 too. And I have to agree the additional low slot is usually more usefull on a ship dedicated to scanning than a high slot. Thanks for pointing it out.

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Simply because nobody has mentioned it yet, I’ll put in a plug for the Astero. You’re capped at 37.5% scanning bonus, but it’s easy to train into and fly. It’s also excellent for running the exploration sites with its bonuses for hacking. Fast, agile and you can put a ton of tank on it - even enough to survive ghost sites. More expensive than a T2 covops but much less than a T3C.

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