databaseCreator - Script to import programatically SDE data into databases

Hello, I was working for couple months in a python script to convert the SDE data into a functional database. it is functional but is not yet a finished product. This was designed originally as a personal experiment with SMT (simple map tool), but evolved into an independent effort to bring an useful tool for other developers. I’m announcing this to get some feedback and invite others to contribute.

What this thing does:

  • Convert the SDE YAML data into a functional database.
  • Inject complementary data into the database (This data comes from Dotlan and SMT)

Which Engines support:

for now just SQLite, but in theory would support any SQL-compatible database, and with a little more effort, No-SQL databases.

Advantages of using this script over Fuzzwork’s databases:

  • You can customize the amount of data it is imported into the database
  • Foreing Keys used

I know there is still much room for improvement.

NOTE: Currently it doesn’t have 100% parity with fuzzworks databases, but I’m working on that. And It is not intended as a drop-in replacement for such databases, because some changes has been done to the tables.

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